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The worst? Anti-Semitic attack, since the creation of the United States occurred at the Tree of Life Synagogue, in Pittsburgh (PA) on Saturday, October 27, 2018, while Shabbat morning services were held.? This crime illustrates the title of Dr. Stephen D. Smith’s book - NEVER AGAIN, YET AGAIN.
?“When we said Never Again, it was not never again to the Holocaust. It was never again to Anti-Semitism, the bitter root that for centuries caused relentless harm. Anti-Semitism, sometimes quiet, sometimes violent, always has the potential to kill.? And now,? after all our attempts to name it and shame it, Anti-Semitism continues to kill.  

But,? however lethal it may be, we still have the power of life. We are stronger than hate. It is not enough to say Never Again, hoping the worst does not happen. We have to work everyday, quietly, in our own way, to ensure the best happens as the result of our actions.  

? We are THE TREE OF LIFE? ? is an example of creating life instead of death, love instead of hate.”

NEVER AGAIN, YET AGAIN identifies the WHY of this project.???????????????????????????????????? Dr. Stephen D. Smith, Executive Director, USC Shoah Foundation

The question is, for all of us, as Jews, “How can we turn this escalating hatred and
Anti-Semitism into something that confronts the past in ways that can “weave the sunshine out of the falling rain.”

What are the tools that can reframe today’s circumstances, so that we become stronger, more united and more loving humans to each other? How can we be role models who embrace our tikkun olam selves as we bring light to everyone, not just other Jews, but everyone who is experiencing today’s eruption of hatred, vitriol, division and what
I see as a growing “black hole of empathy and compassion” in our country and the world.
I see the answer as being similar to the answer that came to us in the time of the Civil Rights Movement. That answer was love, pure and simple: for each other, for what
we believed in, for justice, for all of humankind and, somehow, we did not allow ourselves to be swallowed (and therefore immobilized by) those who were perpetrators, killers, and desecraters of what was humane, sacred and noble in human beings.

We must not hide from the reality of what threatens us in these times. We must confront
it with love and solidarity, with tears and joy and an affirmation of our best selves.
In my experience, it is the Arts that best allows the creation of the kind of community
and unanimity that can inspire, heal and forge a new path.
Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary)

Murry Sidlin is thePresident and Creative Director, Defiant Requiem Foundation????????????????????????????????? Murry Sidlin, a conductor with a unique gift for engaging audiences, continues a diverse and distinctive musical career. He is the president and creative director of The Defiant Requiem Foundation, an organization that sponsors live concert performances of Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terez?n and Hours of Freedom: The Story of the Terez?n Composer, as well as other projects including the documentary film, Defiant Requiem, and The Rafael Sch?chter Institute for Arts and
Humanities at Terez?n. Additionally, he lectures extensively on the arts and humanities as practiced by the prisoners in the Theresienstadt (Terez?n) Concentration Camp.

AIMEE GINSBURG BIKEL When I wrote this book, I wondered if the message would touch youngsters. I had no doubt that adults would resonate deeply with the story. And Theo is, after all, a treasure and a legend, loved far and wide, with everyone feeling that he is “theirs” in some real and personal way.  But I was unprepared for the intelligent, emotional and deep response of the young audiences: and when I tell of my presentations to middle schools to the adults who come to my talks, they feel a new respect and appreciation for the kids. 

I am a professional public speaker, an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent, and community organizer, and have been bringing Theo’s rich legacy of Arts in the service Tikun Olam since his passing in 2015


I am a professional public speaker, an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent, and community organizer, and have been bringing Theo’s rich legacy of Arts in the service Tikkun Olam since his passing in 2015