Jacqueline Semha Gmach

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The Presenters / As of March 25, 2019.

1. UCSD Holocaust Living History Workshop – January 22, 2020
Dr. Deborah Hertz, Herman Wouk Chair in Modern Jewish Studies, Susanne Hillman, Ph.D.
UCSD Holocaust Living History Workshop

2. Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, The San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, The Jewish Federation of San Diego – Date to be announced
Betzyl Lynch, JCC Chief Executive Officer, Brian Garrick, Director, Cultural Arts Programs & Festivals Michael Jeser, Jewish Federation, President and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Scharwtz, Jewish Federatiion Chief Program Officer

3. Art of Élan. Kate Hatmaker is the Co-founder, Artistic Director and Executive Director of chamber music concerts with innovative programming. Art of Élan will help organize a chamber music group to perform a concert of works composed by inmates in concentration camps and ghettos (such as Terezin). Art of Élan will help choose a repertoire, visual arts projection and literature to enhance the performance. 2 of 5 ancillary programs will require the musical participation..