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This project

  • To honor the people of the past who were silenced during the Shoah (Holocaust), and give them back a voice to be heard by the people of today!
  • To honor the San Diego Holocaust Survivors with a community wide event.
  • To learn the lessons of the past and to teach tolerance with the lessons of the present.
  • To combat Anti-Semitism.
  • To illuminate “the expressions” of the Shoah artists who, with courage and in pain, through music, visual arts and literature.
  • To implement educational programs in liaison with the performing arts presentations with universities, schools and libraries.
  • To develop a collaboration with San Diego musicologists, artists, educators, and performing arts audiences.
  • To make this project a model for others to emulate.

“We are THE TREE OF LIFE” ©  will become an EDUCATIONAL TOOL to combat the world of HATE.  It will become an EDUCATIONAL TOOL for the world of RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE, and PEACE.  It will teach the LESSONS OF MORAL COURAGE.

The vision for Moral Courage is a world in which all persons flourish and respect each other because all recognize the value of every individual and group, and their rights to live in a just and peaceful world.

The worst  Anti-Semitic attack, since the creation of the United States occurred at the Tree of Life Synagogue, in Pittsburgh (PA) on Saturday, October 27, 2018, while Shabbat morning services were held.  This crime illustrates the title of Dr. Stephen D. Smith’s book - NEVER AGAIN, YET AGAIN.
 “When we said Never Again, it was not never again to the Holocaust. It was never again to Anti-Semitism, the bitter root that for centuries caused relentless harm. Anti-Semitism sometimes quiet, sometimes violent, always has the potential to kill.  And now,  after all our attempts to name it and shame it, Anti-Semitism continues to kill.  

But,  however lethal it may be, we still have the power of life. We are stronger than hate. It is not enough to say Never Again, hoping the worst does not happen. We have to work everyday, quietly, in our own way, to ensure the best happens as the result of our actions.  

« We are THE TREE OF LIFE© » is an example of creating life instead of death, love instead of hate.”

NEVER AGAIN, YET AGAIN identifies the WHY of this project. 
Dr. Stephen D. Smith, Executive Director, USC Shoah Foundation